Trackey Petfinder

Connecting you and your pet

A pet is lost each two seconds. 10 million pets are lost each year!

Trackey Petfinder uses LoRa technology to let you know where your pet is, whenever you want.

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No recurring costs

Most currently available petfinder solutions use GSM networks to transfer the GPS position of your pet. Trackey Petfinder, using LoRa technology, eliminates the need for GSM subscriptions and accompanying monthly charges.

No more subscriptions! No more monthly fees!

Long battery life

LoRa technology relies on low power area networks instead of power heavy WiFi or GSM networks. Trackey Petfinder therefore has very long battery life. No more daily recharging!

Trackey Petfinder comes with a battery that will last for more than a year! The Trackey Petfinder App will alert you if the battery runs low.

Comfortable size and weight

Trackey Petfinder is smartly designed, minizing weight and size. It fits like a natural collar. Using LoRa technology, the Trackey Petfinder has no need for heavy GSM electronics. We provide your pet with a smartly designed and comfortable collar which has everything you need. Available in several sizes and in the color of your choice.


Your cat is going on adventure one night and does not come back. Your dog follows his hunting instinct and runs into the woods where you cannot find him. It happens more often than you think! Studies show that one in three pets is lost during its lifetime. Pet shelters are full of pets that have run away and whose owner cannot be found. Conventionally, providing contact details in the collar, or chipping your pet is a way of making sure that a pet can always be retrieved. But chipping is expensive and requires surgery. Also, your pet needs to be taken to a vet to read the chipping details.

Using the Trackey Petfinder you do not have to wait for it to be found, you can track your pet immediately. You will not have to look for long if you cannot find it!  

Here is how it works:

LoRa technology

From Wikipedia:  A LoRaWAN™ wide area network allows low bit rate communication from and to connected objects, thus participating to Internet of Things, machine-to-machine M2M, and smart city. This technology is standardized by the LoRa™ Alliance. It was initially developed by Cycleo, which was acquired by Semtech in 2012. LoRaWAN™ is an acronym for Long Range Wide-area network.

Trackey Petfinder uses LoRa technology to connect you and your pet.

Positioning systems

Trackey Petfinder will use multiple localization systems, such as GPS and network triangulation. Some systems will not work indoors, some systems will require a better coverage than can be prodived at the location that your pet ran off to. 

If you are near to your pet but still cannot find it, activate the beeper to let Trackey Petfinder give a sound signal.  

Smartphone app

Controlling the Trackey Petfinder localization, see where your pet is and let Trackey Petfinder emit a beeping sound, will be done using the Trackey Petfinder smartphone app. The app will be available for OSX and Android. 

Current status

Currently we are testing our prototype. When it is ready and we feel the solution is mature enough to release to the public we will launch a kickstarter campaign. If you want, it is possible to reserve your own copy of Trackey Petfinder. Sign up and we will inform you when the Kickstarter campaign kicks off.

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Please note that the availability of LoRa in your area will be essential for the Trackey Petfinder to work. There are currently multiple initiatives running to create large coverage LoRa networks, both by telecommunications companies and open source initiatives, which will not be implemented before mid 2016. 

Do you want to contribute in your area to the growth of LoRa? Please visit The Things Network.

Other use cases

Of course, the possibilities of LoRa technologies are seemingly endless. We are also working on a number of use cases besides Trackey Petfinder. 

Do you have a good idea but need help to allow your or your business to jump on the LoRa bandwagon? Drop us an email!